A visit to Soil Concept in Luxembourg

As part of the CASCADE project, the Centre for the Development of the Circular Economy (CDEC) recently had the opportunity to visit an influential player in the field of biomass valorisation and composting in Luxembourg: Soil Concept. Located in Diekirch in the north of Luxembourg, Soil Concept is a central hub for the collection and processing of green waste.

Soil Concept specialises in the collection and processing of three main types of green waste:

  • Sewage sludge: Generated during the treatment of urban waste water.
  • Vegetable waste: Includes garden waste and biodegradable park waste.
  • Root and wood waste: Includes forestry waste, roots and bark.

These different types of green waste come from municipalities, industry, private companies and citizens throughout the region. Soil Concept plays a key role in the storage and processing of this biomass for the production of compost, enriched soil and fuel.

One of the key initiatives being explored at Soil Concept is the integration of biochar into the company’s products. Biochar, with its porous structure, offers several benefits to soil health. It increases water retention, promotes the development of soil micro-organisms and improves nutrient retention and availability, resulting in better plant growth. Given these benefits, Soil Concept is keen to explore biochar production techniques and assess the potential added value to its own product range.

This collaboration fits perfectly with the objectives of the CASCADE project, which focuses on implementing sustainable solutions for carbon management. By incorporating biochar into its composting processes, Soil Concept aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of its soil products, contributing to overall environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the integration of biochar into Soil Concept’s operations and its positive impact on soil health and agricultural practices.