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CASCADE project and leading asphalt company in Luxembourg explore biochar solutions

As part of the CASCADE project, the CDEC visited one of Luxembourg’s leading public works companies, which specialises in the production and application of different types of asphalt on roads, cycle paths, footpaths and airport runways. On their production site, they can produce asphalt mixes with a high recycling rate, coloured asphalt mixes and all at low temperature. With their own laboratory and R&D department, they are constantly striving to remain at the cutting edge of technological advances in their sector. 

Motivated by its interest in innovation and environmental protection, the company was intrigued by the potential of biochar to reduce the carbon footprint associated with asphalt production. It wants to carry out trials incorporating biochar into its asphalt formulations and analyse its impact on asphalt properties and performance.

This initiative underlines the search for sustainable, low-carbon solutions for the construction sector in Luxembourg