Kiemkracht Highlights Biomass Role

in Green Transitions at Liege Event

The CASCADE partner Kiemkracht (ProNatura) recently participated in the event “The social economy at the centre of the transition” in Li├Ęge, Belgium. The event, which coincided with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, highlighted the potential of the social economy in promoting an inclusive, green and digital transition. During the event, Kiemkracht took the opportunity to engage with stakeholders and discuss the use of biomass as a sustainable resource.

As part of the broader discussion at the European Social Economy Meeting, Kiemkracht highlighted the importance of biomass in promoting environmental goals. By participating in the event, Kiemkracht aimed to raise awareness and facilitate dialogue on the role of biomass in promoting green initiatives and tackling environmental challenges.

Kiemkracht’s participation in the ‘Social Economy at the core of transition’ event reflects Kiemkracht’s commitment to exploring sustainable solutions and working with stakeholders to advance sustainability goals. Through meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing, Kiemkracht contributes to the ongoing discussion on the use of biomass as a key element of green transition strategies.