Exploring Project Dynamics

Key takeaways from our online meeting

At our last online meeting on 2 February 2024, the partners of our European project came together virtually to discuss various important issues and developments. The meeting served as a platform for dynamic discussions, insightful exchanges and strategic planning to advance our common goals.

Approaching water quality issues in Ireland: One of the key areas of discussion was emerging challenges in specific project regions, particularly in Ireland where river water quality is of increasing concern – biochar application? The partners engaged in a constructive dialogue and explored possible solutions and joint efforts to address this critical issue.

Networking opportunities: Since the start of the project, the partners have been working to expand and strengthen existing networks. The focus is also on increasing the impact and reach of the project.

Project management is also an integral part of the regular meetings: classic issues such as financial matters, upcoming tasks and event planning, including preparations for the reveal16 conference in Göttingen in September 2024, have been added to the agenda.