CASCADE: Meet an Innovation Manager

Innovation and municipality – that’s a term that many people probably think of as a very slow process. But in the Dutch municipality of Enschede, S. Lubberhuizen is one of the active forces in the region that not only develops potential ideas, but also puts them into practice.

One of these ideas is ECOFALT, a completely cold-manufactured asphalt made mainly from recycled products. Combined with biochar, which is derived from biowaste and is now incorporated into the asphalt up to a certain percentage, the product can become CO2 neutral.

As a partner in the CASCADE project, the municipality of Enschede is focusing on further implementation of the carbon circular economy approach.

A first test is the construction of the first cycle paths based on ECOFALT. 

This ambitious approach is based on the simple fact that the municipality has to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55% (compared to 1990).