A workshop

blinc (Germany) and Smart Revolution (Italy) recently organised a joint training event on biochar, a focus area of the CASCADE project. The event, held in Massa, Italy, gave participants the opportunity to refine the structure and approach of the CASCADE communication strategy. Discussions focused on how to effectively communicate the ‘story’ of biowaste to biochar conversion to a wide audience.

Throughout the week-long event, the teams worked in joint sessions to develop a comprehensive communications approach. The focus was on developing messages that effectively communicate the importance and benefits of biochar production from biowaste. By drawing on the insights and expertise of both blinc and Smart Revolution, the training facilitated the refinement of strategies to effectively communicate the goals and impacts of the CASCADE project to a wider audience.

Overall, the collaboration between blinc and Smart Revolution during the training event represents a concerted effort to improve communication efforts around biochar production and its role within the CASCADE project. Through strategic planning and collaborative dialogue, participants worked to develop compelling narratives to inform audiences about the project’s innovative approach to sustainable waste management.